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Wasabi-Zero Wii U Chip Review


WiiU DriveKay modchip, a completely solderless solution for equipping your Wii with a drivechip. A drivechip allows you to boot all your backups, games and homebrew discs which you have kept for storage purposes.
Nintendo Wii U DriveKay modchip has all the features which one expects from a high end chip and has compatibility with all the drives available in the market. Its read speed is not limited to 3x, features a GameCube Audio Fix and also supports disc games. It is one of the solid chips available in the market with its high quality components. Its installation process is one of the easiest to perform and has a reasonable price for all these qualities. 

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WiiU Mod-Chip Installation

There are two ways for installing Nintendo Wii U mods. First, by using the Wasabi Clip-on Adapter for the CPU and second, by soldering the chip on to the main-board. Just open up the Wii and then either clip it to the drive or solder it using 5 or 6 drives on small pads (soldering on tiny IC legs is not required).

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First download the Wasabi Upgrade Config disc from its website and then burn it. Then you can configure your settings like GameCube Audio Fix, Wii Region Free, Drive Read Speed and Update Blocker for import games. It also worked fine with homebrew discs, GCOS MultiGame discs and legal backups.


WiiU DriveKay modchip has a lot of common features which some other chips available also boasts about but due to its wireless installations and its clip-on adapter it provides a good option to the customers. It is one of the high end modchips which you can go for without giving any second thought.

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Waninkoko’s WAD Manager

If you want to install WAD files on your Wii then you need Waninkoko’s WAD Manager. A WAD file is like a Wii channel and most of the custom software can be made into a WAD file. You can also uninstall WAD files using this WAD manager. A very easy to use application.

An SD Card
A SD card reader for your computer
A Computer
A Homebrew capable Wii
WAD Manager (you should know how to run it).

WAD Preparation

  1. Open the root directory of your SD card and create a folder and name it as ‘wad’.
  2. You need to bring few WADs. Virtual console games which are generally bought from the Wii Shop channel are contained in these WAD files or the data files.
  3. Choose virtual console game WAD you want to install in your Wii menu as a channel and copy it into the ‘wad’ folder. If you install every existing WAD then your Wii’s internal memory can get filled up very soon so be choosy and pick up only games that you will use.

WAD Installation

  1. Take the SD card and put it in your Wii and then load the game ‘The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess’.
  2. After loading the hacked save game talk directly to the man standing in front of you or walk backwards. This initiates the Trucha exploit and also loads the WAD installer.
  3. Connect a Gamecube controller to easily navigate the homebrew.
  4. Load the WAD installer just by following the onscreen prompts coming up while running.
  5. Press the reset button to reset your Wii or you can also use Gamecube controller which will install each WAD onto your Wii while you sit back and the Wii will automatically reset itself.
  6. Now open up your Wii channel menu and the new virtual console channels will now be there and can now be played also as if they are being downloaded.

Note that you can load homebrew from a channel using a different method which does not use Zelda game disc but if you use that method, this specific exploit will not work.